A warrior without a king - Costantino Roselli
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A warrior without a king

Samurais are warriors.

The word Samurai, though, means to serve. They are warriors who serve the sword and the sword protects its master.

A samurai that rejects its king is called a Ronin. A warrior without a king.

I thought of myself as a warrior without a king when I left my safe position in a multinational company following my own path. A Ronin.

Following this path, I discovered I am not alone. There are a lot of people like me. A lot of Ronins. And some of them are like-minded Ronins.

And even if it seems that we don’t have a master to serve, we share the same dream which is to change the world for the better with what we do.

This path is not about to serve a master along with other Samurais with a specific daily agenda. It is a cause you share and execute with other Ronins in the same tribe.

Thank you, Crikos, for the honor of including me in your tribe

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