Are You A Superhero? - Costantino Roselli
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Are You A Superhero?

If somebody asks us if we see in ourselves a superhero we will probably laugh but if we ask the same question to a 5-year-old she will proudly answer “yes”!

We may think that kids don’t understand reality but the truth is that we as adults don’t understand life.

When we were kids we found a stick and became wizards and great explorers. We would take a red towel and wear it as a cape pretending we were superheroes. But as we grew up we learned to stop fantasizing and that if we went on thinking that way, we would fail in the real world.

But what we call the real world was created by people who used their imagination because imagination is the main ingredient for creativity.

So why did we stop imagining worlds that would eventually lead us to create amazing things in the real world?

P.S. Here is my interview to Aris Moskov. I speak about how I see the world, how all they started and what is for us in the future.

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