Building a brand vs. Branding - Costantino Roselli
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Building a brand vs. Branding

Politicians make a promise. They build great slogans, amazing campaigns, they take care of the styling, the colors, their image and they invite you to the show.

After the elections, the promise starts to fade out ‘till it’s completely gone. And together with the promise voters leave too.

This is branding.

On the contrary, building a brand is about that promise minus the show. It is about the mandate, the service. It is about what happens on the next day of the elections. It is about the truth that builds trust between people and your brand. It is about transparency, consistency, and delivering what you promise daily.

It is about building a system that forces you to keep your promise so people continue voting, participating, committing, being happy, working harder, delivering with you, changing their lives because they love and recognise the change you brought to them, building a tribe, a community and bringing others in to join your promise.

You can keep shining your shoes and chasing people daily to buy from you or you can get your shoes in the mud and lead them to a better place.

Your choice, and it’s always your choice.

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