Do You Serve Coffee? - Costantino Roselli
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Do You Serve Coffee?

Your product is really fantastic for the people who are looking for it. Your campaign is brilliant and there is a good concept behind it.

However, you are still struggling with making this idea spread. You wonder why people don’t repost, don’t discuss it, don’t comment on social media or with their friends.

But instead of trying to adjust your campaigns, sales funnels and put more money on advertising and on analysis tools, you have to ask a single question to yourself. Does your brand serve coffee while promoting your product?

You see, your product delivers a solution to a problem people don’t like to talk about. They find something to take care of their issue and create space for other things they love more. But coffee is a reason for conversation. It puts people around a table in a habit that resonates with their own worldview.

Find what is “coffee” for your brand and focus there. Your product is already good enough but not enough to create a community. Now it’s time to make people talk about their problems and as they discuss you will listen and as you will listen you will come up with new products and, of course, more coffee.

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