Grow your business like an artist - Costantino Roselli
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Grow your business like an artist

I don’t understand art. But I don’t believe that you have to understand it to appreciate its influence on your work and life.

You can see art when you stand in front of a beautiful painting in a gallery and you can see art when you watch a craftsman working on his masterpiece.

Or you can see art in someone who is taking care of your seemingly irriversibly damaged pair of shoes refusing to give up, looking for days for a solution and putting all her effort to repair them. And even if she worked for days delivering remarkable work she refused to be paid more than the standard fee for her effort.

Because she feels the responsibility firstly towards the customer and secondly towards the work she serves.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the love for the muse of the business you have sworn to serve. And if there is a muse there is an oath and if there is an oath there is art.

Art is more about how it makes you feel when it’s around you. If you don’t feel it then it’s just another task to accomplish.

And you can decide if today is the day you deliver art, or not.

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