Hey, I wrote a book - Costantino Roselli
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Hey, I wrote a book

And I wrote it for you.

If you are someone who loves to read stories that hold a message about life;

If you are someone who looks for motivational triggers to move you forward;

If you are someone who feels stuck and you are seeking for true inspiration to feel strong again;

If you are someone who wants something to kick you in the ass and push you to take action;

Then this book is written for you. And it’s here, take it, it’s yours.

The paperback is already available on Amazon but if you would like the Kindle edition it’s on pre-order and you’ll have to wait a bit.

Yet, if you are more like us, and don’t like to wait, then grab a paperback first, reply on this email, or message me, and I will send you the eBook edition for FREE with an exclusive handwritten signature for you.

This offer is for the first 100 who are eager to take the lead or until December 21st.

Thank you for reading me and I hope you enjoy it.


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