How to achieve more - Costantino Roselli
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How to achieve more

In bookmarks we don’t add things in order to do them; we forget and ignore them with the excuse that at some point we will come back and read them.

We don’t want to let them go because we feel they are important to our job but not so important to take care of them right now. So we find an in-between solution to put them in a to-do list, thus creating a story to believe the lie we tell ourselves that we will actually visit it.

Set up an ‘accomplished list’ instead and put what you accomplish daily. Do this for a month and then check that list. You will see that there is a pattern there. You will see that you accomplish no more than 3 things on average daily. Count the things that have to do with your projects, not your daily tasks consisted of paying bills, lighting a fire in the fireplace or getting the trash out. Not even your daily rituals.

Your project means the article you want to write daily, the next chapter of your book, the progress in the solution you provide to your customers through your business, the book\course you committed to finishing in a week which will help you increase your skills and provide more to your followers, the gym you committed to going three times a week to build a healthier body or the diet you committed to start.

So, stop creating endless to-do lists prioritizing based on excuses. Stop creating bookmarks in your browser with unread articles and online courses telling lies to yourself that one day you will do them.

Start by what you did today, the problem you solved, the solution you provided, the person you helped, the person you made happy and smiling today.

Believe me it will be more productive.

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