It's not about the funnel - Costantino Roselli
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It’s not about the funnel

It’s about the story you say through it.

And of course, you will set up a funnel. Of course, you will make a plan, a liquid strategy to be flexible in your adjustments.

But if the story you say to your customers doesn’t ring a bell in their mind your amazing funnel will never work.

So, the question is how to set up a great story.

There are two ways to build a strategy on your funnel. The one is about numbers (Awareness, Acquisition, Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Qualified Leads, Sales, Referral).

While the second is about behaviours. (Observe, Explore, Discover, Create, Deliver, Repeat).

To build a great story you have to connect with people’s behaviour not in terms of prediction but in terms of how they feel about what you deliver.

Tip: Don’t count on the sales you will get in the first months. They will reach a roof and they will collapse soon. And they will distract you from the main cause which is to make the life of your customer better with the work you love to do.

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