It's not about the tools - Costantino Roselli
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It’s not about the tools

Chords are groups of notes that when played together form some type of consonant or dissonant harmony. There are plenty of them but not infinite. And in the music industry, more than 1 million songs are released each year.

The greatest songs have been written with no more than 5 chords, though. The same 5 that you and I learn when we start playing the guitar.

So, it’s not about the possible combinations of the chords you’ve learned but how it feels when you play them.

What makes your business great aren’t the tools you use but how the people you help feel the difference when working with you.

It’s about how you make people feel when you play your song.

Learning just a combination of chords, a way of working, is not what makes the song great. Play it differently than you’ve learned. Violate the norms you’ve learned and find different combinations that make your song more authentic.

A hint: No one will challenge Bob Dylan on his guitar playing skills and no one will challenge you. The difference is that Bob doesn’t care about the challenges of his guitar talent. His challenge is to make the crowd feel that this night is worth more than the ticket paid at the front door.

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