It's not the work you do - Costantino Roselli
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It’s not the work you do

Steve used to work at Wall Street making millions for others and creating some for himself. He quit. He started traveling the world teaching yoga and he built a family with 3 kids.

On the other side, there’s Suzan, a yoga instructor who used to make a living from it until the time she quit. She became a well-known finance consultant and she now lives in the city offering advice to big corporates.

It is not the work you do. It is about the feeling you get when you do something.

So, next time you wonder what other jobs you can do because you don’t like this one, just wonder what makes you happy while you are doing it.

And then start thinking of jobs that give you the same feeling of happiness.

You aren’t looking for jobs but to help people do things.

You don’t buy products, you buy happy moments.

And you don’t eat a specific food because you are hungry but because of the pleasure it gives you.

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