Making an impact - Costantino Roselli
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Making an impact

Udemy doesn’t care about what you learn, they care you buy a course on anything

Same as the old fashion school. It doesn’t care about what you learn but to teach you a way to get an A.

Organisations don’t care about how the products will change your life, they care for you to have a life to buy their products.

But what about you? Has your small brand started with the aim to make an impact?

To be an organisation is easy. There is a map, a process to follow. Use it and fit in.

To force a change is the difficult part, with ups and downs and isolation. But when it happens you will be surrounded by a tribe to help you create this new culture.

If you choose to make a change then, unfortunately, there is no map. But there are signs you can follow.

One of them is that people will not even understand what you say, the way you are saying it and they will try to correct you because they believe you are wrong.

Do you believe you are wrong? Your choice.

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