Mass production of artists and the illusion of differentiation - Costantino Roselli
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Mass production of artists and the illusion of differentiation

Who doesn’t want a copy of the Mona Lisa in their living room?

There is a factory in China where employees are artists. Their job starts at 8 am and what they do until 4 pm is copy famous paintings. They studied art to create copies in a factory that sells them on Amazon or Alibaba for $9,99.

Every year all over the world in the TV Show “The Voice”, singers compete by singing famous songs. They copy the way of original singers in order to get picked. That’s because judges don’t want something new but something safe.

At Julliard, one of the most famous dance schools, you are doomed if you do anything that is out of schedule. And when you graduate you become like them.

There is no school that looks for the different ones. Schools are looking for talents like Picasso and Da Vinci, but ironically even if they found them they would reject them once more. Schools should be looking for your talent because all others seats are already taken. We don’t need a Picasso because we had one. We need you.

There is no school that says “We don’t want to define you, we want to see you and then give you the opportunity to make art in your own style using the tools available.”

But if there was such a school it would create a problem in society. How would we measure who is first and who is second? How could we give an A or an F? 

Society as a whole would be doomed, scared to death if artists decided to do what they are meant to.

That is, liberate us from the borders of our mind and show us the way to evolve.

All artists who did something different went against the normal. But today the system creates an illusion of differentiation in order to make us fit in, while we believe we are doing something innovative. 

Learn to see it by trusting your instincts. 

One more thing. There is a symbol in music called “fermata” where the composer actually asks us to play as we feel.

As a Marketer, Freelancer, corporate executive or any person who works, creates and leads, you have to chose between “Do I have to make it as they told me and play it safe or shall I take the responsibility to change it and play it as I feel it should be?”

The choice is yours and always was. 

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