Sold out (it’s not yet but it will be soon) - Costantino Roselli
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Sold out (it’s not yet but it will be soon)

What is the story you play in your mind when an event appears on your screen or an invitation arrives in your email?

Maybe it’s not for me. I will check it later. I’m not sure if I must go.

…versus the story you play in your mind a month later when you see that the event is sold out.

Damn, I should have said yes earlier. What if I met someone important? What if I learned something valuable? Everybody will be there except for me. Damn, next time for sure.

Only, that was the next time. It was the next time from another event you had made the same “next time” excuse.

There is no such thing as a bad decision. The only bad thing is to not take action at all. Go to the event, meet people, talk, share, involve. It is always better to show up.

And it is better to say I was there than damn, I should have been there.

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