Some things have to end... - Costantino Roselli
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Some things have to end…

Or better all roads reach a curve and all the buses will stop to let the passengers go and take the new ones on.

The Business of Fashion Academy (aka BFA) has come to this curve and the bus must make a stop.

When we (the drivers of the bus) built the BFA course we focused on the knowledge we would like to share. We love what we do and we were so focused on delivering knowledge on what it takes to build a remarkable fashion brand with the aim to help you do remarkable things.

And now that the first BFA comes to this curve we, the drivers of the bus, feel that we have received great knowledge from the passengers, too. That it is not just the bus and the skills of the driver that makes the trip remarkable. It’s about the magic of the passengers, too.

And this bus had amazing passengers. This bus was full of energy, inspiration, knowledge, creativity, stories, projects, books, learning curves, doubts, responsibility, decisions and a lot of fun!

As we stopped on this curve I want to say to all the passengers a big thank you for the trust you showed us!  Together we didn’t accomplish a course, but we started an amazing journey.

Your words in our Facebook group, in the videos you shared and mostly all the success stories you shared with us after you implemented what you learned to your brands, are priceless and give us the energy to continue. Thank you!

As for the bus, it’s ready to take that curve and make a new stop to take new passengers in February 2019.

The success of the Business of Fashion Academy was beyond our expectations and because we have a ton of requests we will repeat it in February 2019.

Stay tuned…

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