The day before - Costantino Roselli
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The day before

There is tension in the preparation. Everyone is preparing for something but not for what is coming.

They are preparing for the fest. The celebration. But not for the years to come. A new love that just started, or a week ago, and we are so happy that the new year will find us together. But we don’t care how this together will be.

Happiness, after all, comes from the moment we promise “I’ll love you forever” because that precise moment we mean it and we feel it. No matter what will happen tomorrow, it’s about what we feel today, and it’s true.

The tension of the promise we give today till the time that the countdown will get to zero.

But, what about, instead of giving a forever promise we just give a promise to make it better. I will promise this year to be a better one; this year to be a better person; this year to be a better salesman, a better marketer, a better entrepreneur.

I will promise this year to be a better parent, a better friend, a better brother or sister, a better judge, a better smiler, a better healer, a better listener, a better advisor, a better reader, a better singer, a better writer, a better blogger, a better decision maker, a better understander, a better showman, a better buyer, a better me.

This year take a pen, an iPad, a MacBook or whatever you want and write down a promise you can keep. A promise that can make you feel proud of you. The promise that this year you can do it better. Because better is an option. Better opens doors to a connection. Better is the ally that helps you do your job. Better is what others love to see in you and more importantly, this better is what you want to see in you.

I wish you to be a better you this year.

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