The one thing you should know when chasing your dream life - Costantino Roselli
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The one thing you should know when chasing your dream life

By writing the theory of time Einstein responded to a question nobody had asked except himself. Before responding to this, he had done the same with three other theories and nobody had paid attention. Eventually they did only because he insisted.

We are alone at home and we ask two questions to ourselves. The first is “What is my calling?” and the second is “Do we have enough toilet paper or I should I buy more?”

And we choose to answer the second. And of course everybody pays attention. And that makes our question important!

But what about the first question? The one that remained unanswered?

The truth is that we believe that it’s not our responsibility to answer those questions. That there are experts like Einstein who should answer them.

But, in reality, and reality is far from our truth, there is nobody who will bother to answer our questions. What is my calling, what is the best way for me to make money, feel happy, get fit, and have the life that I want, are questions for and to ourselves only. We have to fill in the document, nobody will do the job for us.

One more thing, the answer to any difficult question is given by just doing the thing, only doing it, and see where it goes. I can’t go there for you and come back to tell you what I saw because it doesn’t work like that. Just do it.

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