This isn’t for you - Costantino Roselli
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This isn’t for you

Of course it is, but people want more of what is not for them than what is for them.

Or better, they care more about learning why it is not for them than taking what is made for them.

Fear of rejection works and sales is all about this fear and a couple of fear-rules more.

Habit, though, makes things more complicated and strange, too.

In a place where we are used to following a marketing campaign of “this is how to build a successful brand”, it is not so easy to follow a campaign of “this is not for you”. Is it?

All pioneers build their reputation and their profitable businesses on changing habits.  And Marketing is all about change.

Think fast, did the guy who invented the first car get fined because he didn’t have a driving license?

Next time you run your campaign, instead of a “Yes, I want to learn more” button think of a “This isn’t for you” button.

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