Waiting to be discovered - Costantino Roselli
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Waiting to be discovered

Most people learn how to do things and after they prepare them, they just wait for someone to discover them.

When you open a shop or offer your products on any shopping platform it’s all about “Waiting to be discovered”

When you post your product on Social Media you just act “Waiting to be discovered”

No actual difference than putting your products on a trade market, a flee market or a small bench in front of your door.

And there is nothing wrong with the “Waiting to be discovered” act if this is what you want.

The alternative though is “I made this for you”. This demands to not create something until you’ve learned what people want and who are the people they want your craft.

You start building things and at the same time, you inform those people that you are going to prepare something for them. And you are with them all the time until the end of your endeavour. You inform them about the progress, the struggles, the next steps.

Until the end, when you’ll put on your bench a specific craft saying to specific people “Here, I made this for you”.

Do this and on that day a huge amount of people will be waiting for your store to open instead of you waiting behind your bench to be discovered.

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