Weird is the new mass - Costantino Roselli
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Weird is the new mass

We as marketers focus on the mass. We focus on finding the best way to make people notice us, hoping they will buy our products.

But people now have options. More than we can imagine.

They can get a coffee as weird as they want it.

They can watch their favourite movie on the device they want when they want.

They can travel the world with just $9.99 focusing on the monuments and the people they will meet when they get there.

They can choose their taxi service without following a specific process.

They are not obliged to travel to India to get a souvenir or to envy other people for traveling there because they can order anything from anywhere without taking a step out of their door.

People have plenty of choices and the first choice they make is to ignore us, the marketers who continue treating them as mass.

They want to be treated as weird because this is how they are. They want to be different and they love to state that their need is not exactly the same as the others.

They selfishly ask from the marketer to build a relationship with them.

Marketing is powerful and we can use it to change this world for the better instead of trying to force people to do things they don’t want.

On the contrary, we can understand people, the weird quest they can’t express or they don’t even know exists, and to connect them with it.

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