Why go to Starbucks? - Costantino Roselli
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Why go to Starbucks?

Actually, Roberto’s question was “Why do people come to Starbucks, the coffee is lousy.”

And the funny thing is that he was asking the question while sipping his espresso from a Starbucks cup.

My answer was simple: “Forget the coffee. Look at the big table. A bunch of students working, debating and arguing on their thesis on the legal system. On the corner, there is a writer and on the couch, there is an engineer while trying to convince an investor to invest his money to market her product.

And look at us. We are both Marketers, thinkers, and doers, working to bring to life a new workshop that gives value to Freelancers.”

This is Starbucks. A meeting point that generates ideas. Take a look at the people around you and tell me what you see. The next J.K. Rowling? The next Apple? The next Frank Gehry?

And if you don’t recognise someone around you, then look at you. Exactly because you are there, reading this article, you are definitely the next someone.

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