You can’t beat the system but you can ignore it - Costantino Roselli
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You can’t beat the system but you can ignore it

Who’s a gatekeeper? It’s a guy with the authority to choose you. To pick you (or not) among others.

When some people challenge the way gatekeepers chose then the gatekeepers take a step back and place a system in between.
“I’m not responsible, put the blame on the system”.

So, the system asks questions. And the question is not if you know how to speak and write but if you have a certification that proves you can “speak and write”.

And then we became experts on how to take that certification instead of becoming experts on “speaking and writing”.

We have learned all the rules on how to get the certification. We have built institutions that help get a certification and we give an award to the institution that provides the best way to get it.

But, in the meanwhile, no-one has made an effort to learn how to actually “speak and write”.

Because we realise that the system doesn’t care about that. It only cares about writing questions that lead to the proof and then it certifies.

Then we realised that the system is wrong. And we got organised against it. And the gatekeepers said let’s discuss it. And we built organisations in order to discuss with the gatekeepers. And those organisations taught us how to speak with the gatekeeper. How to become the best in finding ways to be the best in the arguments with the gatekeepers. So we built two sides. That of the gatekeepers and the other with those who learn how to fight them.

Of course there is another cast. The rebels. Those who ignore both sides, the gatekeepers and those who fight them. The whole system.
They ignore it and they go on creating and moving the needle of this world forward. They create art by becoming amazing artists in writing, speaking, in delivering stories that touch people.

Those people are not waiting for someone to pick them. They don’t need a system to prove their ability to “speak and write”. They don’t need a certificate to prove that they belong.

They pick themselves instead and create the world as we imagine it.

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