You don’t have a job, you have a platform - Costantino Roselli
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You don’t have a job, you have a platform

When you read a job description, you just read a small piece of what you’ll be called to do. Because on the paper there’s written the reason for being there but not the aim.

When someone stops you down the corridor asking for help to a problem she thinks you are an expert and you say “sorry, it’s not my job”, you miss the opportunity to fulfill the aim you are there.

You don’t have a job, you have a platform. A platform that serves the people of an organisation with generosity. A platform that connects, and creates a huge network of people that are happy with your services and generosity.

People will follow because your name comes up in every conversation.

Use your job as a step to deliver your message, to show your expertise, to move further and beyond your current duty.

And yes, it’s your job.

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