Your client is the architect of your brand - Costantino Roselli
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Your client is the architect of your brand

When the architect shows you a 3D drawing of your new house it is as beautiful as you visualise it.

You visualise the green yard, your kids playing in it, blooming trees on a spring day, clean windows full of light and your partner and you behind them embracing your life uttering: “how lucky I am”.

And when the project starts and you see the beginning you think that it will never bring the final result you have in mind.

In the 3D model you couldn’t see the bricks, the cement, the big hole in the ground, the noise construction machines make and the madness all around. 

Terrified, you ask the architect “Is this normal?” and you feel safe when she reassures you because you trust her work. Because her work is something normal in your mind. Something common.

In reality, it’s not ok because she said so. It is ok because you asked the same question to your friends, family and every other person you trust and they said yes. Because it’s easy to find someone who builds a house.

But when it comes to your business it’s not the same. It’s easy to find someone to tell you that yes it’s normal to fail, to be afraid, to get rejected, to not believe in yourself. And it’s easy to find people like the architect to show you how to build your brand, to tell you how they succeeded with others and to trust them because they know.

Yes, it’s normal. The difference is that even if it’s normal there is no reassurance for success.

Yes, your house in the end will take the shape you had in mind, the shape you saw in the 3D model. 

Your brand, though, may not. Everyone can show you results of successful businesses but no-one can promise you that you will make it too.

Because a brand is built by people for people. It’s not bricks and cement you can shape as you want. 

Your customers build your brand, not the walls or the windows, not your logo nor your business card. What your customers say when they look at your logo is what determines if you are on the way to success or not.

This is the only measure you should use. Not how many people bought your products but how many called you back to tell you how your brand changed their life and how many called their friends to talk about you.

One more thing (a hint), spend your time hanging out with the people you want to serve. They are your architects. Don’t build products they want to have fun with and keep them busy every afternoon. Give them products they help them be the people they desire to be. And instead of asking people “Is this normal?” ask your customers “Does it change your life for the better?”

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