Zero Gravity - Costantino Roselli
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Zero Gravity

is the place where we feel uncertain, uncomfortable, paralysed, afraid and indecisive.

It is the step we try to avoid, surpass fast and jump directly to the step where the clients come and go, the processes work smoothly and services or products are delivered with zero struggling.

Actually, it is worse than this.

It is the place we go to when we decide to do the leap of faith. The time we unplug ourselves from what we did in order to get plugged in what we want to do.

It is the place when we hit the ground and wonder “where do I stand? Am I floating? Somebody, please help me!”

But also, zero gravity is the place where tension takes place. It is the step that has made us and our brand who we are.

The place where we learned, failed, failed again, made progress, failed once more, got scared to death; when we were ready to abandon and did abandon, when we got back up and abandoned again, and we got back up once more.

The place art happens!

It is the side of the mountain we have to climb to reach the peak.

And if it wasn’t for this place we wouldn’t feel the jump. We wouldn’t feel the difference between the two choices.

Are you ready to lose gravity?

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