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Meet Costantino

If you want to change the old, give tools to young people to create the new

Visionary, Storyteller, Serial Entrepreneur, Futurist.

Bestselling Author, ranked among the top 50 thought leaders on the Metaverse worldwide.


From 2019 to 2021, LinkedIn ranked him among the top 1% of marketing professionals, and his name dominates the first five pages of Google.


In 2021, he introduced the Avatar Economy as the ultimate solution for building sustainable and inclusive work and lifestyle environments.


He is the founder and CEO of NTZNS (NeTiZeNS) Metaverse Creative Studio, where real AI Avatars are created in the Netizens World, the only social and business Metaverse space that simulates future societies and provides sustainable business opportunities under the principles of the Avatar Economy.


In 2023, NTZNS was awarded a place in the top 100 innovative tech companies worldwide.


Costantino is an inspirational and provocative speaker who captivates his audience with his unique performances, leading them to shift their mindset, move out of their comfort zones, and take action.

Costantino Roselli

Costantino Roselli
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You can't change the status quo, but you can ignore it. And if you ignore it, then it will have no power over you and your audience!

Costantino Roselli

When I was young, I envied everyone who confidently answered the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" as I didn't know what I wanted to be. This question frightened me.. I was afraid to admit that I had no clue because I didn't want to be treated like an outsider or considered abnormal. I just wanted to be "normal."


Later on, I realized that being "normal" and being happy couldn't align on the same path. So, I made the decision to forge my own path, one that makes me happy.


I'm Greek-Italian, raised in Greece, studied in the UK, and worked in Switzerland, Italy, and Belgium. I've never liked borders; I've never understood why I need a passport to travel.


The physical world with borders, stereotypes, conventional constraints, social barriers with a lot of shoulds and musts was too narrow for me. When I was introduced to the world of computers in the early '90s, I knew that technology was the medium to implement my vision, to develop a world beyond limitations, and the beginning of a journey. Technology, for me, was the ticket to evolution, the ticket to develop a world that is beyond every limitation, the ticket to change the world for the better.


And that was the beginning of a journey that made me realize that technology is not enough. Culture needs to evolve too.


I never understood why digital content cannot be downloaded based on my physical location. This digital platform is not yet accessible in my country. The fact that I have to provide my personal demographics to subscribe to a digital space only emphasizes the need to connect everywhere in the world.


I believe that the internet is the eighth wonder of the world. It allows us to ask a question to billions of people and receive billions of answers in seconds. 


Why do we apply physical rules to the digital space? Why do we insist on replicating a physical environment when we can build a virtual world from scratch, with the purpose of developing a better world? Toward evolution.


I remember having these thoughts while being in a high-paying position at the headquarters of a global company. I sent my resignation email and signed a contract with myself to follow my vision of building a world based on freedom, sustainability, and inclusivity.


I woke up the next morning, stepped out of the door, and let the snow fall on my face, symbolizing the blank slate I had started. 


Starting my journey to implement my vision, which is to create a borderless, genderless world with no gravity or physical limitations, no stereotypical demographics, or social restrictions. A world where everyone is immortal, and aging is not even an option. A world with an infinite market and profitable business opportunities. A world built on the foundation of sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity.


In 2016, I founded Weird Authentic People, the first digital branding agency with avatars communicating with customers instead of people. I narrated the story of a superhero gang that helps emerging brands steal market share from conglomerates, and I succeeded in doing so!


In 2018, I worked at Milan Fashion Week and collaborated with Balkan Fashion Week, successfully creating an international profile for seven emerging brands through the power of storytelling.


In 2020, I founded NTZNS (NeTiZeNS) as a digital fashion marketplace aimed at helping designers connect directly with their audience, eliminating intermediary steps.


In 2021, NTZNS was nominated as the best European startup and collaborated with an army of fashion influencers and designers, adorned their social media and gaming avatars. We also created virtual showrooms to share fashion stories and connect creators with their audience and brands.


By 2022, NTZNS had become the leading metaverse creative studio, introducing the Avatar Economy as the foundation of sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity. Under these principles, we created a social and business Metaverse space called "Netizens World" with the collaboration of international schools, universities, and tech companies.


In 2023, NTZNS was awarded a place on the list of the 100 most innovative tech companies worldwide.

I believe that we are trapped in a repetitive cycle, worshipping institutional deities and traditional social laws. I think it's time to move forward, building the future and leaving behind industrial culture, creating human networks, exploring, discovering, and advancing human evolution.

Costantino Roselli

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