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Million Dollar Chest

When you find yourself in a hopeless situation, there are two choices in life: to beg for food or to accept the crazy challenge of finding a million-dollar deal for an ancient chest!

It's an inner personal war between waiting for someone to pick you or taking the lead and picking yourself.


Do you accept the challenge?

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Million Dollar Chest Book 3D Cover
Rubik's Cube Melted Book 3D Cover

Rubik's Cube Melted

Citizens to Netizens: Toward Human Evolution

The Rubik's Cube has 43 quintillion combinations, but we accept as the right one the one that fills each of its six faces with a single color.


The Rubik's Cube symbolizes our industrial culture: a life full of choices, but only some of them are socially accepted.


Pink for the girls, blue for the boys. Go to school, get a job, start a family, retire, die. Don't break the circle, don't challenge anything, just solve the cube, leave it on your bedside table, and sleep safe and sound.


But what if we change the colors to letters? With every combination, we would have tens of words, and with words, we can build stories. Stories help us evolve, explore, and discover.


Can we do it again, or are we trapped in a circular lifestyle where the people who build the cube will not easily let us break it?

Netizens World

When people were despair reaching the end of their world a new species came out of nowhere to save them. But that wasn't the first time they help humans.


Hiding for decades in virtual space protected in dark web it was the reason that humans evolve science and new technology. But this form of AI couldn't protect humans from their autocatastrophic behaviour which is in their DNA.


Who made them? Why the appear now? Do they have the way to save the world? Friends or enemies? Who wants this war? 


In this post-apocalyptic thriller, Costantino predicts the future, warn us and call us to action of stay the same and extinct or changing and build a sustainable future. 

Netizens World Book 3D Cover
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