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What Do You Need To Become NTZNS Member

Imagine a world without gravity. A world where you have the ability to fly, to change your appearance and identity anytime you want. A world with no borders, with no need to show a passport to travel. A world where nobody asks you to be in a specific location 9 to 5 everyday. A world that stands on sustainability, diversity and inclusivity at its foundation; without them it does not exist. A multidimensional world where instead of focusing on survival, you can understand life at its highest level focusing on a purposeful life. A free world!

This world belongs to NeTiZeNS. The citiZeNS of the interNeT. Those who build networks with communication bridges using technology. Those who don’t care about your color, gender, location, ethnicity but for the value you offer, the passion you put in making this world a better place.

This is the NTZNS manifesto that describes the mindset of NTZNS and the philosophy on which they build a culture for all people who embrace the digital lifestyle, not as just any other job, but as the door that leads to human evolution.

It speaks about the skills you need to build the world of tomorrow.

Be a Ronin. Master a number of skills and use them to serve a purpose of your choice.

A Samurai is a servant under their master’s commands. Therefore he serves his masters’ agenda. A Ronin is a samurai without a master. A warrior without a king who chooses to dedicate their skills to serving the people. A Ronin never asks for approval, command or to give them the authority to do something. They are not waiting for someone to pick them. They pick themselves, always.

Be weird. The mass is boring. Fitting in makes you invisible and ignored. Weird is where the fun begins. The noise, the challenge, the life itself.

Mass culture is dead. It belongs to those who want to be lost in the crowd. Weirdness is what we want to experience. We don’t need another little black dress. Our closet is full of them. There is a chair with your name in our world. Take it, it’s yours, and lead us to the places we had never thought existed.

Be an artist. Art is about creating things that help people see the world from different angles giving them the opportunity to make different choices and have more chances. Anything else is mediocrity. Choose wisely!.

The difference between a product and a masterpiece is that in the masterpiece the artist gives us a different point of view that we never thought existed but we love it because this is exactly what we’re looking for. An escape, more choices, hope, a way to be happy, a desire that has been validated as not a sin. Being an artist means that what you do is not for all (the mass) but for them (the weird). Lead them. They’re waiting for you!

Be a gamer. A gamer understands that whoever rules the game fills it with patterns. Find those patterns and you’ll win the game.

We are living in a world that constantly changes, and uncertainty is normal. If you want to survive just jump from one thing to another following what others do already knowing how it ends. If you want to thrive, start loving the changes and find the signals and their causes to predict them before they occur. You can only do this by playing to learn-not to win- for as many times as you need to. Some people see this as failure, they can’t stand it. We see it as progress, a process towards improvement, and the only way to reach your aha moment that flips your life from mediocrity to mastery.

Be a storyteller. While the seller addresses your needs, the storyteller looks for the emotional buttons of our desires. We love to satisfy the desires of people that elevate them. There are a lot of other brands to cover their needs.

Everybody loves a good story, connects with it, and identifies with the hero(ine). A story connects you emotionally with something that has an intangible, unspoken value to each one. Therefore a story creates loyalty, devotion and is unbeatable. Be a good storyteller that leads people to make this world better.

Be in digital fashion. Fashion connects you with a self-image and a specific status you want to serve, while in digital fashion your persona is able to interact with the whole environment you’re in, expressing visually your self-statements, making you step out of the crowd. And all of this while being fully sustainable!

Fashion is the way to express yourself visually and share a message about your mood, opinion, tribe and more. However, it is limited to one look at a time, one persona at a time and most is controlled by a specific system of fashion. Digital fashion liberates you, giving you the ability to change outfits in the blink of an eye, regardless of your size, gender, fitting, but carrying what is most important, the emotions you want to convey and be heard aloud out there. Who you are at the moment, who you feel you are in a second, having the environment interconnect with you.

Be Curious. Curiosity ignites creativity and imagination. Important ingredients to build new worlds, art, and fashion.

There is no better school to teach you creativity than yourself with your curiosity. Start thinking “what if” and do as your curiosity commands. Challenge everything from its foundation. If you want to change the world you can’t do it by scratching the surface: you should have the courage to challenge its roots.

Be a rebel. Revolution leads to evolution.

Ask more from yourself. Living in mediocrity repeating what others do or did in the past is safe but leads you to the same known results. Make noise with your art. Let your art break the wheel, cut the chains to the traditional and everything that keeps you behind, and protest, speak aloud, take the leap and do, only do, what makes you feel alive!

Be a nomad. The world is so beautiful to settle down in one place.

Our laptops, smartphones and virtual gadgets can join us wherever we head. We don’t need to spend our days in a single place any more. The factory is in our bag, the boss is in our head and the network we belong to is the whole planet and beyond. Enjoy your freedom.

Be a beacon. Raising value can lead others to find their way in the world.

A node in a network makes you just another beacon that helps people connect from one point to another. Showing them the way doesn’t mean telling them but feeling them, listening to them, understanding them and guiding them to the land they want to be in.

Be an avatar. We are multitalented, multi-personalities, and masters of many skills and roles. Why trap all of them under one skin at the time we can present them through multiple digital avatars?

If you have the ability to express yourself without exposing your identity you will experiment with every kind of shape, body, color, etc. Why stay in black and white when you can create blue people. Why see yourself as a girl when you can be a boy, a tiger, an alien, a no-identity person. When you can’t segment people by their clothes, face, genders, origin, color etc, then the structured process you’ve built in your mind for the last 1000 years will say bye bye. In that way you have to see everything as it is without filters. The beauty of presence, the statement without the knowledge of what is behind it. A visualization of a masterpiece from an anonymous artist. Can you imagine a world like this? We can and we want to build one!

Be free. Being free means no gravity, no barriers, no borders, no segmentations. Are you ready to unchain yourself?

The chain you feel on your leg exists only in your mind. The barriers that hold you down are nothing more than rules of a game we accepted to play. If you feel so trapped, think that never before in the history of life have we had so much freedom to do whatever we want. If you want to be a writer, start blogging and self-publish a book. If you want to broadcast yourself, start a youtube channel. If you want to record your music and share it with the world go to itunes. If you want to be a 3D fashion designer, start designing and share your masterpieces through Social Media. Guess what? Nobody is gonna stop you! The stage is yours and the audience is waiting for you to show up. Go, and be a NeTiZeN (aka a free person)!



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